On April 13, 2023, Reading Truck Group signed an Agreement to Acquire Mastercraft Truck Equipment. Read the Press Release >

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Auto Crane 4044EH

Auto Crane offers a large selection of service cranes with a 2 year warranty. Model 4044EH is a versatile crane with a lifting capacity of 4000 Lbs. with a 360 degree movement for maximum adaptability while lifting. This crane comes with the option of a 16 or 20 foot boom.

Auto Crane Titan 38

Mastercraft carries the Titan 38 model with 6006EH hydraulic crane. The Titan Body is made using a patented, one-piece 10 gauge side-pack design for rugged, off-road use, with a lifting capacity of 6000 Lbs. Auto Crane offers a 5 year manufacturer's warranty on their bodies.