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Denver Truck Liftgates

Mastercraft Truck Equipment is proud to be an authorized dealer of both Tommy Gate and Anthony Liftgates.

Tommy Gate has been an industry leader in hydraulic lifts since 1965 and is known for its tried and true reliability. Tommy Gate liftgates are used by a wide variety of commercial industries across Colorado and use military aircraft-grade cable for added strength.

Some of their features include:

  • Durable, military aircraft-quality lifting cables
  • Fully-enclosed hydraulic system safely encased within liftgate mainframe
  • Pressure bypass prevents overloading
  • Fold-down platform for dock or forklift loading
  • Timed, delay shut-off control

Mastercraft Truck also works with Anthony Liftgates and offers a service-free, tuck-under liftgate as well as pick-up and rail gate series lifts. Anthony’s TuckUnder model liftgates mount to the chassis frame of a Denver truck or trailer and tuck and store underneath the rear of the truck or trailer. In the stored or tucked position they provide unobstructed access to the truck or trailer doorway.

Anthony’s TuckUnder models are typically a ‘ramp ride’ design but may be specified as a ‘level ride’ for certain models and applications. Ramp ride means that the platform is level at the truck floor position then ramps down gradually as it approaches and touches the ground.

With a range from 500-4,000 pound lifting capacity, Mastercraft can work with you on any application you need.

liftgate mounted on flatbed truck and rear of service van